Family sessions are shot in a candid documentary style with you and your loved ones interacting outdoors. I have hand picked several beautiful locations for these sessions. Some do require an addition fee to use the property. I photograph these during the golden hour only, as this is when lighting is at its best. Styled wardrobes are required and must be approved before the session. Wardrobes are very important in producing a beautiful cohessive gallery so it is important i help custom style the session with you so everyone looks their very best. Props of any kind are not allowed. This ensures the focus is on you and your families faces and not any other distractions. 

Wardrobe Guidlines

  • Avoid bright colors, pastels, distracting patterns and logos
  • Pay careful attention to where your dress or skirts split
  • Glitter, sequins and tulle should always be avoided
  • No 2 persons shall have the same colored top on
  • Choose rich earthy colors or neutrals
  • No hats, bows or crowns
  • Textured fabrics are a plus
  • Avoid jewelry unless its your wedding rings